Aftabnet Advertising Agency

Aftabnet Advertising Agency is the east of our seven companies. Every project rises here. As a river, it consists of several parts which hand in hand work together to complete a project from A to Z.

The beginning source of the clients’ cooperation with us is Public Relations and Marketing department: The roaring river of cooperation starts flowing from here. First, it is a flowing river. Then, through passing the shores and under the sun (Aftab) rays, it turns to the sea. But how?

At the second step, the river curve reaches to the Account department. Over 30 project managers are protecting the clients’ interests here 7 days a week. Their job is a precise management of the client’s order. Each project manager is responsible for about 10 clients’ projects. So other than a day and night effort, how can one take care of the river to not deprive from the defined route? Supervising and managing the orders of over 300 clients, their budget status, planning and dividing tasks between different departments, an appropriate leadership of the campaign and protecting the clients’ interests are the expertise of this department. They are the clients’ reliable representatives in Aftabnet Holding and by their guidance, the river strengthens and accelerates.

Now the river reaches to the Strategy department, where the clients’ projects start operationally. Whatever the clients need for launching their campaigns, is prepared here: Based on the brief, the strategy team conduct initial evaluations on the marketing plan and the brand’s past communication plans, study the client’s place in the market and in relation to the competitors and based on the results, they offer their strategic proposals to the client. This point is where the river widens a bit, because strategy department may ask for a survey from Aftab Market Research Company without the client’s order to move forward with precise data and stats and deliver a perfect strategy to the client.   

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The river passes the twist of the mountains and reaches a flat surface, then it divides into seven branches. Seven Creative Teams who work separately. Each branch has its own manager, supervisor, idea processor, copywriter and other necessary staffs. Managing over 300 clients was not a one-team’s job and to prevent the probability of clients’ interests’ overlapping, each team undertook the responsibility of different companies and industries, meaning, two mobile operators were never included in one creative team.

The seven branches of the river join together again and flow in Graphic Design department where 25 graphic designers are working under supervision of Ebrahim Haghighi, the well-known Iranian graphic designer. Under this flowing clear water, everything gets polished and soft.

International Affairs department is another part of this flowing river as well which nothing can stop it to turn into the sea. This department deals with two types of clients: Iranian companies and industries willing to develop their businesses in international markets and foreign industries who want to work inside Iran borders. The job of Aftabnet International experts, is to display the new cultures and remove the obstacles on the way of them. Based on the clients’ needs, all the requirements needed to enter the new business world are developed and implemented here. Entering another business culture is not that much easy, but revealing these cultures and removing the obstacles are easy for international department professionals after years of experience.

Also add BTL department to all above which meets another aspect of the clients’ needs.

The river of Aftabnet Agency rotates 359 degrees, turns around the mountains and rocks and valleys and arrives the edge of turning to the sea. The project is ready. The client smiles out of satisfaction. We turn into the sea.  

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