Aftabnet Digital & PR Agency

Probably, right now, you are reading this text in your smart phone. Based on the latest stats by ISPA (Iranian Students Polling Agency) in 2019, 69% of Iranian population who owns cell phones, use smart phones and 84.9% of 18-29 YO mobile owners have smart phones. It has a simple meaning. The majority of users consists of youth population and the whole world is on their hands through smart phones. A world where the media call the shots. Aftab Communication Company, including PR and digital departments is active in this field. A specialized company which meets a crucial part of the clients’ needs by focusing on the media and digital space.

Digital services in digital marketing area has been designed for two types of clients: First, those who want to be active in cyberspace along with other media such as TV and billboards and second, those who are just willing to be present in cyberspace and social networks. By their skills earned through many years of experience, this department’s professional experts are loyal advocates of the clients’ cyberspace activities.

Digital Reel

One of the client’s issues is facing crisis which may occur in print and virtual media. Our experienced PR professionals know perfectly how to deal with the crisis by being there for the client through a constant firm bond.

PR is working hard in the other side. A team consisting of the best media consultants and experienced writers who cover the clients’ PR services : Strategy and communicational advising, media communications, media monitoring and training along with advising and communicational planning for campaigns, developing annual plan and strategy, contact with print and non-print media based on the client’s request and constant companionship with the client in all steps of the procedure, supervision, writing and editing the news content, reports and interviews relevant to the brand’s objective are of this department’s capabilities.