Aftabnet Media Agency

Almost from the very beginning, it has been shoulder to shoulder with the whole agency, taken rooted and put behind the ups and downs of the incidents and now, it has turned into a strong support to the whole advertising agency. As of 2002, when it was launched, Ayneh-ye-Aftab has seen many springs and falls and today, equipped with experienced experts in the field of media buying and planning based on the client’s needs, it is the master of know-hows by evaluating the clients’ budget and meeting their needs with the highest degree of efficiency. The high number of Ayneh-ye-Aftab’s contracts with IRIB and Beautification Organization has placed it in a dominance position into these media. And such valuable experiences work as a relief for the clients. “Ayneh-ye-Aftab” Media Agency, defines and develops our client’s strategical objectives and has no other motivation but achieving the best method of applying the media and benefiting from them. It is not imaginary, it is the pure truth and as quoted by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, truth is more alluring than imagination:

This media agency is the only 6* agency in Iran according to the Beautification Organization ranking and it has been the industry leader for thirteen successive years.

Like a tree, blossoming and fruiting under the sun (Aftab), it has been growing nonstop. Aftabnet Communication Group is the only Asian member of egta along with South Korea through which Ayne-ye-Aftab Media Agency has access to the latest soft wares, audience measurement and media planning tools. This membership works like a window as wide as the media sales houses horizon across Europe and Canada which opens to modernized media planning and technological tools development. In this way, the locomotive of the company moves on and supplies its fuel through egta training courses every year. Egta is the association of TV and radio sales houses which studies the transformations of these two mediums in relation to new formed media. Our experts in Ayneh-ye-Aftab agency take the most advantages of these findings because in our opinions, no door into the light should remained shut.

The below stats from 2018-2019 are not just simple figures, each is a branch of our tall fruitful tree of which we are proud after twenty years:

  • 623,010 Media airing planning
  • 432.223 TVC airing = 11,567,097 seconds
  • 190.787 Radio airing= 5,481,650 seconds
  • 796 OOH media planning
  • 2,170 Mix media planning

But Ayneh-ye-Aftab does not stop just in media planning and buying. It constantly monitors the purchased media for the clients. Second by second and moment by moment monitoring provides the clients and managers with precise reports so that if one door is shut, this company opens another door immediately. The company and the client are both sensitive on this: Making sure that the commercials are aired in the exact defined time and medium. If not, Ayneh-ye-Aftab has a great capability to apply an appropriate substitute at once.

We believe that when light shines, it should be bright. The light shining on the ground, on the tip of the tall tree and on the billboards. Dark is not our way and this is not imagination. It is true.