Aftabnet Production House

There is an old two-story house around Jahan-e-Koodak cross with 60s-70s modern architecture. There are connecting rooms with a yard full of sturdy old trees touching the sky by their green hands. Every morning when sun rises from back of Damavand summit, its ray shines on the bricks. The ray tilts and straightens to reveal the Aftab’s(Sun’s) non-stop presence and the life, going on in this house. 140 people live in this house. Motivated professionals and experts who have worked in the field of production for over 18 years. The name of this complex is “Aftab Production House”. It is one of the oldest groups of ACG which is responsible for preproduction, production and post production of advertising projects.

Selection of Aftab Teasers

Every year, this company has become more and more experienced in terms of both benefiting from technology and equipment as well as a professional staff. It is the best TVC production company in Iran and now, has the ability to produce annually up to 1500 TV and radio commercials. Its scale is according to the international current standard knowledge which covers different tastes of the clients. To deal with such a huge amount of projects, eight full-time teams with eight specialized production managers work here. Also there are ten senior managers with three film shooting studios, animation studios, special effects, edit, sound, set design studios and a full archive of costumes and props, let alone its professional casting team with a significant database of models and actors/actresses. There is always a light on in the midnights of this house. Many capable hands have kept this light on.

Behind the Scenes of Aftab Agency TV Teasers