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After that cold morning, Hamadan city was not the same. It was different from the whole world. Mohammad Taher Homayouni, Einollah Bakhtiari, Abbas Raoufi and Yusef Najaei made this city well-known to the world. There are only a few number of photos left from these four, engraved on a stone near Hamadan. There is no trace in the photos of the great job they did. They look at you so humbly that you can’t imagine they are truly the explorers of one the most wonderful phenomenon of the earth. On a day in 1963, these mountaineers started to dig a rock 70 Km away from Hamadan. A rock behind which there was a cave no one could ever find a way in, they would say. The four kept digging and digging until the last hit of the hatchet echoed in an unknown cave. The seeking spirit of those four had flourished and the largest water cave of the world with its fantastic curves inside, had been discovered. That 50 cm tunnel which was dug in the size of one person’s passing, now has become larger by more research and explorations as an entrance into the cave for thousands of tourists with dozen kilometers ahead to go through.

The one who searches, is always seeking for the untaken paths and as far as this wonderful world is alive, research and searching is alive too.
Searching always leads to discovery. In Aftab Research Company, searching is a base on which the explorers keep digging until discovering the wonders. The searchers keep working hard until finding what they are looking for. Each subject is like an unexplored cave. The research team work patiently so their successive questions clear the path and that hidden cave reveals like a smooth bright way.

This company which used to be a department of Aftabnet Advertising Agency, started its independent activities since 2012 and now it works both with the agency’s clients as well as its own specific ones.

What does this company do? It has skillful experts who conduct the clients’ requested or needed researches: Quantitative and qualitative surveys, different types of polls across the country, holding products’ pre-test meetings and focus groups on evaluating people about a specific subject or product and any kind of survey which leads to developing an academic path into acquiring documented and reasonable findings.

Apart from benefiting from its own experts, Aftabnet Research Company has a close relationship with IRIB Research Center and Tehran University Faculty of Management. This company tries its best to open the doors into more knowledge which allows the clients not to remain unaware of their place in the market and helps Aftabnet Communication Group to develop a precise and appropriate strategy for providing the clients with advertising services.

The strong hatchet of survey and research is lied in the hands of Aftab Research Company. If the way ahead gets blocked, it gets open by the experts of this company. The way shall not remain blocked.

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