Iranian Media House

There is no escape from the news anymore. We follow the press, websites, news agencies and various social networks. Through the news, we have certainly seen satellite dishes next to Ashayer tribes’ nomadic tents. That dish is the communicational way of the farthest places with the world. A world where media have the final word. TVs, radios and billboards connect the whole existence of human beings to the world. In order to survive and apart from their budget factor, these media need advertising. Since ACG is an expert in this field, it introduces and presents the brands’ and industries’ productions into the consumers through the best media. Iranian Media House, is one of the Aftab Holding subsidiaries with the expertise of media sales and knowledge. The experienced pros of this company know perfectly the media space and time and in collaboration with Aftab Research Company, they offer the clients the best suitable medium for their products.

A compilation of different media is now at the disposal of ACG’s clients. This company has both its own specific media and if needed, in cooperation with other companies, it offers other media to the clients as well so their media needs are met perfectly. 33 national TV and radio channels and 33 provincial TV and radio channels along with tens of billboards and urban two-sided stands are of media to be presented to the clients by Iranian Media House.

Only the clock hands know the moment by moment rotation of the earth around the sun. Maybe this is why people always hang the clocks on the best places of their homes. The client’s wish is the same clock for us. We offer them the best place and the best time because this is our expertise.