Tasvir-e Aftab (Art & Culture Ins.)

In the beginning was the word and the word was with the mind. In the beginning was the word and the word was said. But what was said, was not recorded, so it was forgotten. They wrote the word on the stones, skins and papyrus and it was written in the record of the world this way. So many stories were written of the conquerors and the defeated, massacres and bloodsheds, love and romances. Those stories became unforgettable for human being is nothing but memory. First, a limited number of people would write and a majority were reading. Writers would pour their thoughts onto the papers, so the printing houses launched in the industrial world and in an increasing acceleration, books, newspapers and magazines were getting published. From the heart of these publications, plays and scripts were born and from these, theater, cinema and other arts, to bring people out of their loneliness iceberg.

So many years have passed and there are still people who are concerned about what is left from true culture, those who want a remedy for the wound of ignorance. Tasvir-e-Aftab Arts and Cultural Institute came out of the heart of the same concerns. This institute is now the supporter of Shabakeh-ye-Aftab magazine which since 2012 has tried its best in the areas of social issues, cinema, theater, music, fine arts and literature to keep the flame of reading, alive. This magazine, with Maziyar Habibiniya as the Chief Editorial and ACG Head of Board of Directors, has companions who are also the readers and followers of the website or the monthly’s social networks producing contents other than the printed copy.

Aftab Theater Reel

Along with the magazine, Aftab Theater is one of the few independent theater companies in the private section which lives on the stage and knows perfectly that the stage will never die, nor will the art. That is why, Aftab Theater has performed many theaters in Iran as well as in many Asian, European, American and African countries by Reza Haddad (ACG Managing Director) as the director. This theater company is also one of the subsidiaries of Tasvir-e-Aftab Institute.

This institute has had cinema activities as well. In 2014, “Yahya Didn’t Keep Quite” by Kaveh Ebrahimpour as the director was produced by Tasvir-e-Aftab Institute and faced a great welcome in cinema theaters.

We believe that through the miracle of words and art, we can help, though slightly and limitedly, people not to give up to evil and injustice and not to feel desperate and passive.